Power Golf of Columbia - Ken Taylor, Trainer
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Established by Ken Taylor, Power Golf of Columbia is a player-changing experience, offering expertise and innovative technology for drastic improvement of your golf game.  With access to (2) V1 Pro Machines, you'll enjoy a "high-definition, bio-mechanical, 60 frames per second, learning paradise."  It is currently the #1 video analysis software in sports, and has been used by avid golfers, teaching institutes, and even current PGA professionals such as Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods. Your expert trainer will also help you progress your motor skills, bio-mechanics, nutrition, and golf-specific fitness. In just a short time, learn new methodologies and techniques to enhance niche areas such as putting, chipping, and driving. Finally, enjoy club fitting and tuning by "Flight Scope," the newest technology in club fitting.
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